The Five-Fold Development Institute is a learning opportunity for aspiring ministers, seasoned pastors, teachers and the layperson that desires a more intense study and practice of the Scriptures. Under the instruction of academically and spiritually qualified instructors, students receive sound knowledge of the Christian doctrines, scriptures, practical theology, and homiletics. The Five-Fold Development Institute is a four-year program and a commitment is necessary to complete the required tasks. You will need to complete 54 credit hours in both schools to graduate and receive a diploma/certificate.

Inasmuch as man's essential purpose is to glorify God, it is the purpose of Christian education to develop the student's ability to know God and to relate himself and the created universe to God, through the study of His Word and ministry. Christian education emphasizes the Person and ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in order that the student may be yielded to Him as his/her Savior from sin and that he/she may see in Christ the ultimate purpose and meaning of the whole God-created universe.

Therefore, the purpose of Five-Fold Development Institute is to provide education within the context of Christian values with emphasis on academic standards, practical and personal application, and spiritual development - all of which prepare persons for a life-long process of learning and serving.

The Five-Fold Development Institute College seeks to provide its students with intellectual and spiritual pursuits that should enable them to effectively teach others about the Christian faith by instruction and example. After finishing the students should have accomplished the following:

1. An academic knowledge of Scripture;

2. Diligently study the Bile and apply research tools to improve his/her understanding of biblical Truths and principles;

3. Acquire foundational knowledge of Bible content and a clear understanding of the historicity of the first eleven chapters of Genesis and inerrancy of scripture;

4. Exposure to the discipline of Apologetics;

5. The ability to rightly divide the Word of God;

6. An understanding of spiritual warfare; and,

7. Recognize the Holy Spirit as the ultimate Teacher and the bible as the supreme, inerrant, all-sufficient and supreme authority in all matters concerning life and spiritual growth.

Carmen Y. Lattimore, President & Founder
Carol McLean, Director
Laura Webb Smith, Dean of Students
Shirley Jackson, Administrator & Financial Advisor

Melissa Jordan, Registrar
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