Pastoral Team:

Dr. Carmen Lattimore, Apostle

  Carol McLean, Executive Pastor

Patricia Plummer, Pastor of Women, Evangelism and Leadership

Francine Watkins, Pastor of Membership and Christian Education

Jelani Lattimore, Pastor of Music and Creative Arts

Hallue Wright, Pastor of Hospitality and Helps & Nurture
Elder Board:

Jelani Lattimore
Carol McLean
Keith Smith
Francine Watkins
Associate Pastor Team:

Deborah Edwards
Pastor-Elect Michelle Houston
Pastor-Elect Shirley Jackson
Pastor-Elect Kue Williams
Deacon Board:

Deloris Carter
Brian Flemings
Kevin Johnson
Tanya Morten
Omar Pilgrim
Kristy Roundtree
Kevin Valentine, Sr.
Keith Williams
Trustee Board:

Patricia Plummer, Treasurer (GWM)
Janice Smith, Treasurer (VCI)
Darlene Harkins, Trustee (GWM)
Philip Harkins, Sr., Trustee (GWM)
Michelle Houston, Trustee (VCI)
Shirley Jackson, Trustee (VCI)

David Dixon
Linda Dixon
Angela Gomillion
Kevin Johnson
Melissa Jordan
Amirah Lattimore
Monica Marcelli
Tanya Morten
Anita Robb

Keith Williams

Ministries of Victory Church International:

Audio Ministry - Deacon Keith Willams
Children's Church - Reverend Francine Watkins
Counter's Ministry - Minister Shirley Jackson, Head
Deacon Board - Deacon Kristy Roundtree, Chairman
Drama - TBD
Early Victory Praise Team - Minister Michelle Houston
Evangelism Ministry (S.E.N.T) - Reverend Patricia Plummer
(Soldiers Evangelizes the Nations Today)
Faith in the Family - Pastor Jelani & Minister Amirah Lattimore
Free To Be Singles Ministry - Minister Monica Marcelli
Greater Works Publication - Minister Shirley Jackson
Helps & Nurture Ministry
- Reverend Hallue Wright
Hospitality Ministry - Reverend Hallue Wright
Intercession Prayer Ministry - Reverend Carol McLean
Jerusalem First/New Members Ministry - Reverend Francine Watkins
Kingsmen Foundation Ministry - Deacon(s) Kevin Johnson & Keith Williams
Mime Ministry - Minister Michelle Houston
Pastor's Aide - TBD
Photography Ministry - Minister Shirley Jackson
Property Manager/Sexton Ministry - Brother Bernard Williams
Security Ministry - Deacon Brian Flemings
Sunday School Superintendant - Reverend Francine Watkins
Titus 2 Ministry (young female adults) - Minister Kue Williams
Train Up A Child - Children's Retreat - Minister Shirley Jackson, Founder
Transportation Ministry - TBD
Usher Board - Minister Shirley Jackson, Head
Alexis Flemings (8:00am) & Minister Anita Robb (11:00am)
Victorious Women - Minister Darlene Harkins, Rev. Patricia Plummer & Sister Brenda Williams
Victory Bookstore - Minister Shirley Jackson, Manager & Deacon Kristy Roundtree, Asst. Manager
Victory Church International Website - Minister Shirley N. Jackson (My Father's Business)
Victory in Prison - Reverend Patricia Plummer
Victory Praise Dance Ministry - Minister Amirah Lattimore
Video Ministry -  Deacon Brian Flemings
Voices of Victory (adult choir) - Minister Michelle Houston , Director
Youth with the Truth - Deacon Keith & Minister Kue Williams 
Ministrial Team
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