Welcome to Greater Works Ministries
Apostle Dr. Carmen Lattimore

Greater Works Ministries (GWM) an auxillary of Victory Church International was started in 1987 as the evangelism ministry of Apostle Dr. Carmen Y. Lattimore. It began with a Bible study in the park. Now GWM is the missionary and evangelism arm of Victory Church International and many other individual ministries. GWM was incorporated in 1989, the same year in which Apostle Dr. Lattimore was ordained as Pastor. In 1990, GWM sponsored its first mission trip. Since then, GWM has sponsored mission trips to Kenya, Uganda, Rome, Scotland, Wales, England, Belgium, Germany, Guyana, Abaco (Bahamas), Bermuda, Tanzania, and Turks & Caicos.

Apostle Dr. Carmen Lattimore, who was herself a seasoned missionary by the time she started GWM, has a great love for missions. She says: There is an awesome move of God on mission trips, and a different anointing than when you're at home. Everything is God-ordained. You are under the protective custody of God, and you just see miracles after miracles after miracles.

That anointing is placed on all members of the mission team, and even the young children are found bringing people to the Lord.

With the exception of one long-term missionary team in Kenya, the GWM missions have all been short-term lasting a few weeks or one month. During a mission trip, the team may travel to several different locations throughout the country or to adjacent countries. Though there are many different types of mission trips, the purpose of the GWM-sponsored trips is twofold: 1. To encourage and gird up the local ministry and 2. To evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ and win souls for the Kingdom of God. Local workers are healed and restored, and many people come to accept Christ.

The team teaches during the day on a specific subject giving out what God has deposited in them. At night, they preach at oftentimes open-air crusades. People come from all over for these crusades. They draw churches together, bring harmony, straighten out doctrine, and bring everyone on one accord with the word of God. Apostle Carmen says: To me, the most exciting thing is to preach in a town and do the altar call and have all the people come forward to get saved.

The GWM mission teams go to the cities and towns where they are invited by a local sponsoring church or ministry, and they have always experienced great hospitality from their sponsors. The local ministries consider it an honor to have them there. The GWM missionaries become like family with the people, the ministers, and the pastors. The experience of our missionaries is that there is no color line in missions; a Christian is a Christian. People invite the missionaries into their homes and take care of their needs. It is just as Jesus promised in Matthew 10:10 that the worker is worth his keep.

Extraordinary things happen on the mission field. Many people are saved, healed, and delivered. But one point that Apostle Carmen emphasizes when talking about missions is that the things that happen on the mission field have nothing to do with the missionaries themselves. They are simply the willing vessels that God uses to reach the spiritually hungry and hurting people. Therefore, all things must be done by the Spirit. It is a lot of work for the missionaries, but it is a fulfilling experience in every way.

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