Carmen Y. Lattimore, President & Founder
Carol McLean, Director
Laura Webb Smith, Dean of Students
Shirley Jackson, Registrar, Secretary & Financial Advisor

Back row - L-R: Min. Michelle Houston, Min. Anita Sherman, Min. Kue Lattimore (graduates from the School of Ministry
Front row - L-R: Deacon Kristy Roundtree, Trustee Darlene Harkins (graduates from the School of Spiritual Warfare)
Praise and Worship
L-R: Bro. Richard Wright, Pastor Francine Watkins, Pastor Lawrence Patterson, Bro. Justin Flemings
Opening Prayer
Pastor Lawrence Patterson
L-R: Darlene Harkins, Michelle Houston, Kue Lattimore, Kristy Roundtree, Anita Sherman
Introduction of Graduates
Apostle Dr. Carmen Lattimore
Introduction of Faculty
Rev. Laura Webb Smith
Presiding over Graduation
Rev. Carol McLean
L-R: Darlene Harkins, Michelle Houston, Kue Lattimore, Kristy Roundtree, Anita Sherman
Laying on of Hands
Michelle Houston & Kue Lattimore
Commencement Speaker
Rev. Dr. Gloria Miller
Front row - L-R: Michelle Houston, Anita Sherman, Kristy Roundtree, Darlene Harkins, Kue Lattimore, Rev. Walter Lattimore
Back row - L-R: Apostle Dr. Carmen Lattimore, Rev. Dr. Gloria Miller
Class Valedictorian
Kue Lattimore & Michelle Houston
License Ministers
Kue Lattimore & Michelle Houston
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