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Church in Wonderland                              $20
Most of us are familiar with the characters and places that are mentioned in Lewis Carroll�s �Alice in Wonderland�, such as the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter.  Few of us realize that the Church today bears a striking resemblance to the character of Alice.  Learn how Christians are often led astray by their own lusts into places far outside of the will of God and how the Holy Spirit moves to bring His church back into His perfect will.
The Watcher                                                                 $25
All of us are born spiritually blind into the world system; yet even believers who have recovered their sight by an encounter with the gospel�are often�tempted�during their pilgrim journey to lose sight of God and His kingdom.� Loss of spiritual sight is one of the main reasons that the work of God's kingdom is delayed on earth.� Do you see what God sees?� This message series will help you to locate the areas in your thought life where you have lost consciousness of God, so that you may recover your sight and finish your Christian course with victory.
Programmed From the Pulpit to the Pew                   $30
On a daily basis, our minds are bombarded with messages aimed at getting us to adopt a non-Biblical worldview.  These messages are cleverly disguised in government legislation and policy, television programs, movies, music, education and false preaching/teaching.  None of this is by accident!  Men and women of influence and power carefully and strategically select these deceitful messages in order to mold the thinking of individuals, groups, and nations.  Learn how to recognize the mind control tactics that are operating around you, how to tear down these strongholds and how to do your part to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.
Spiritual Vampires                                       $30
A spiritual vampire is a person who uses mind control techniques to get Christians off God�s track.  A spiritual vampire can not see their selves in the mirror.  There are spiritual vampires on assignment in our lives that are keeping us from being whole and from receiving God�s blessings.  If you are deviating from your standards, do not be misled.  Do not be yoked together with non-believers.  Learn how to identify Spiritual Vampires and to remove yourself from situations.
Three Types of Witchcraft                                           $30
There are Three Types of Witchcraft that is in the church today. One is coming from you, because you have no idea how you just witchcraft yourself. Listen to this series to find out how you can witchcraft yourself.
The Wolf Man's Closet                             $15
Believers are warned repeatedly in the Scriptures of false ministers, likened to wolves in sheep's clothing, who are experts at looking and sounding like Christians in order to disguise evil motives.  Such false ministers are drawn like magnets to the light of Jesus and the fruit of the Spirit in believers; however, a mature, discerning Christian is able to prevent a wolf from destroying unskilled, immature believers who have not yet learned how to use their spiritual weaponry.  Learn how to properly judge the spiritual landscape of your church, home and workplace, how to locate the presence and activity of a wolf, and how to put a wolf to flight by walking according to the wisdom of God.
Miseducation of the Christian Church                     
We are shoeless if we are not seeded in God�s Word.  We must be trained according to God�s Word, we must mature, put away childish things, stop playing games, and grow.  Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  How to find and maintain a Godly relationship.
What About Your Soul                             $20
I need this to be happy and I need that to be prosperous. I need this for the house, this for the kids, and this for my spouse. But what about God and what about your soul?
CD - $20
DVD - $40
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The Potter's Hands
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Babylon is Falling 
Don't Step Aside

God has foreordained the steps of every citizen within His Kingdom. Yet, amidst a perverse and faithless generation, we daily experience distractions and pressures that can cause us to wander from the path of righteousness if we are not sober and vigilant.  In these end-times, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed by things going on in the world that are beyond our control. We are also susceptible to letting our minds wander from the things of God by mistaking our needs for things which are really only desires. Understanding the times and seasons of the Kingdom of God vs. the momentum of the world system is critcal to being ready for the soon return fo the real King "Jesus Christ".  This semon will help you to see yourself with respect to the things which war against your undestanding in Christ and will equip you to resist temptation and remain in the will of God.
CD - $7.00
DVD - $10.00
America has a peculiar legacy and history among the nations of the world.  Her inhabitants represent numerous ethnicities, nationalities, languages, and religious backgrounds.  Amidst such a diverse and heterogeneous population, the story of the African-American female is often overshadowed or sorely misunderstood.  Although she has been rapped and sung about, written and danced about, she has rarely, if ever, beeen preached about. With a voice and through a lens undistorted by racial,class and gender predudices.  This end-time sermon heralds the peculiar and unique role that the African-American female has played in America's history and helps bring into view her palce as both a specific focus of the gospel of the kingdom of God and an heiress of the legacy of the Lord Jesus Christ.
CD - $7.00
DVD - $10.00
When you hear the phrase "the hand of God," what comes to mind? The hand of God refers to the power and ability of God to accomplish His Sovereign will on Earth.  Satan, the god of this age, has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they can't see God.  They know neither His power nor His plan for mankind.  Only those who have the spirit of God and who are submitted to His will are able to walk in accordance with His divine plan, as He causes them to hear His voicee and see His plan.  It is these submitted servants of God who, on the Potter's wheel and in His hands, bring His will down from Heaven onto Earth.
CD - $7.00
DVD - $10.00
Fear is one of the most poerful weapons that satan uses against Christians. This spirit can cause all manner of physical, emotional and psychological problems if left unchecked. It often manifests in the form of neeedless worry and anxiety regarding people and situations that are under God's loving and watchful eyee.  Only if we are ignorant of satan's wiles and devices can we be taken advantage of by him. This powerful prophetic word will comfort and strengthen you so that you may be reminded of the perfect love of God and the victory that is yours as an heir of eternal life with the Lord Jesus Chirst.
CD - $7.00
DVD - $10.00
Kings and Kingdoms throughout the ages of history have risen and fallen, come and gone. Transitions from one age to another are often characterized by turmoil, unrest and uncertainty.  Without a prophetic voice in the land, cititzens of God's kingdom are susceptible to succumbing to the lack of faith and godlessness that marks those in the world system.  Such lack of direction and loss of a sense of timing can cause one to miss important divine appointments that affect the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike.  This prophetic end-time message is a wake-up call for Christians.  It is certain to prepare the Body of Christ for the changes taking place in Earth, so that she might be ready for eternity with her soon coming King.
CD - $7.00
DVD - $10.00