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Come Out Fighting                                     
Although your personal fight of faith is indeed a spiritual battle, it is not the spiritual warfare.  Personal discipleship is your struggle to overcome the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil.  But you must still enlist in Godís Army. In this exciting book you will:
vKnow Your Battlefields
vKnow Your Enemy
vGet Tips from the Winnerís Circle
vLearn the Martial Arts of Prayer
Covered By Covenant                                        
With so many violent movies and television programs concentrating on swords, knives, vampires and werewolves, eating flesh and drinking blood.  With the increased popularity of cutting and blood-letting in our society - from tattoos and jewelry piercings, to cosmetic surgeries, implants and liposuction.  With the rise of occult religions which require blood sacrifice in America, I began to pray.  I asked God over and over again,  what was I seeing?  What was this preoccupation with stabbing, cutting, drinking blood and eating flesh? 
A Thank You Note From the Demon You Decided To Keep                                                                          
Hi, Homie!  Iím your personal demon.  Thanks for letting me stay inside your nice warm body.  And I speak for all the rest of us in here too.  We feel so lucky to have you as our religious and intellectual host.  Weíre sincerely happy that you donít believe in demons, or ďspiritsĒ as you like to call us.  And although youíve been taking all the blame for the uncontrollable, ungodly things we make you do, we wonít steal your thunder.  Weíre just grateful for this happy home.
ďHow to Leave Never LandĒ
The teachings in this booklet will show you how to recognize a Wendy and how to get out of Neverland if youíre involved with a Wendy.  First, I want to give you a prophetic Word the Lord gave me concerning the spirit of Wendy.  He said ďI want you to just say this to My Church.  Tell the women of God [which represent symbolically the Church of God] they donít have any problems being faithful to a little Baby in a manger.  They donít even have problems being faithful to the little Twelve-Year old that was in the Temple preaching.  But you tell them that Iím not a Baby in a manger and Iím not a child in knee pants.  You tell them that Iím no longer Maryís little boy.  You tell them Iím the Resurrected Ascended Man in Heaven now, and Iím coming back on a white horse as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  And Iíll be looking for a Church without spot or wrinkle.  So the Church needs to be ready.Ē 
This word that God has given to me about shoelessness has been on my heart for a long time.  Because I am a son of Isaachar, I can discern the signs of the times.  This means that I see things that are going on in male-female and parent-child relationships in terms of the spiritual warfare that is being waged against the kingdom of God.  The apostle Paul very accurately described the times in which we now live in the second book of Timothy. (2 Timothy 3:1-9, KJV).  This is a reference Scripture for much of the end-time teaching and the admonishment thatís going forth in the kingdom of God today to the sons of God in relation to the world.  In other words, the apostle Paul was describing what men and women in the world system would be like in the end times---what their values would be and how they would relate to one another. 
"Broke From the Beginning"
Before I describe what it means to have people and situations that are broke from the beginning, I want to share with you a prophetic Word that God gave to one of my elders as a result of some problems that she experienced with a computer she purchased.  Elder Roots had purchased a brand new Toshiba laptop primarily because of the way it looked.  It had blue keys and was very cute.  After having used it for some time, she began to notice that several components of the computer were not working properly.  For example, the power plug in the back of the computer (which is what makes the computer work) was dysfunctional.
ďGames Peter PlaysĒ
In this booklet weíre going to deal with relationships using the paradigm of the J. M. Barrie English novel, Peter and Wendy.  Never Land has been very much in the news lately regarding one of the most outstanding entertainers of the 20th century, Michael Jackson.  The whole concept of Neverland, of wanting to always play and have fun and of never wanting to mature is contrary to Godís Word.  Anything that doesnít mature is simply walking dead.  It canít fulfill the destiny that God has for it.  The whole concept of Neverland has been loosed on our country and on our people so insidiously that many of us have not even seen what has happened.  I have a family that Iím going to introduce you to, but first weíre going talk about the spirit of Elijah. 
Jesus Christ Name Above All Names
I was attending a high school graduation recently, and the keynote speaker exhorted the class that, ďItís not what people call you that counts.  They can call you anything.Ē  He then called off a litany of slurs and negative adjectives that people might call young minorities.  Then he said, ďBut itís only what you answer to that matters.Ē  A day later while I was praying about this book, the Holy Spirit said to me, ďItís not what you call me that matters.  Itís what I answer to.Ē 
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